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There are some information about the dental equipment.
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- Some Information about Dental Amalgam Separator
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- What Can Intraoral Camera Do for You
- The Benefits of Dental Compressor

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In my practice, the intraoral camera holds a place of importance right up there near the portable dental X-ray unit and my loupes. The value it can provide in many ways is essential to any practice. The use of intraoral cameras in daily practice can serve multiple purposes from patient education to attaching images with insurance claims.

My office allows extra time for new-patient visits for initial records, radiographs, and periodontal charting. In addition to those records, I take a series of intraoral images of existing restorations and any areas I suspect will need future treatment or monitoring, such as caries, failing restorations, abfractions, and the general gingival condition.

By doing so, I am able to review the patient's concerns in addition to any recommended treatment. Going over the intraoral images with the patient prior to the dentist coming in for an exam plants the seed within the patient's mind that there may be work to complete at future visits. It provides me with the opportunity to answer any questions I can prior to the dentist coming into the room. In turn, I am able to relay concerns to the dentist to help mainstream the exam and keep everyone on schedule.

The saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" is so true. In dentistry, it couldn't be more accurate in regard to the use of intraoral cameras. Using images to explain needed treatment helps patients visualize oral conditions as well as the possibilities to improve their smiles. Intraoral imaging is not only used to identify fractured teeth or periodontal conditions, it can also be used for areas of cosmetic improvement.

Intraoral images are necessary prior to orthodontic treatment as part of the records process in conjunction with impressions. Images can also be used to show the shade of the teeth pre- and post- whitening treatment. It can often be used to send images to the lab when cosmetic restorations are done to match shades or shape of the teeth.

When I first learned to use a mirror intraorally, it took a little time to get the hang of it; the use of the intraoral camera is very similar. There is a learning curve to adapting the camera to capture the image while trying to keep the lens fog free. I got the hang of it quickly, and the intraoral camera soon became one of the most valuable tools I have, especially for patient education and case presentation. It is essential for daily use in clinical practice and has the potential to increase production with increased case acceptance.

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